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Why an have an Asset Protection Trust?

Every state has laws in place preventing a person from disposing of his assets where there is a real or substantial risk of insolvency, or where the intention is to place the assets beyond the reach of creditors (which is also known as fraudulent conveyance). When a person does such a transfer for insufficient consideration, subsequently a creditor may apply to the courts to set aside the transfer and have the assets returned to the Settlor, at which time they become available for the creditor.

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Planning & Trust Information

An asset protection trust is a trust formed in a foreign jurisdiction (i.e., “offshore”).


“Bankruptcy” is defined as a court proceeding in which an insolvent debtor’s assets are liquidated and the debtor is relieved…


Asset Protection “scams” and the “scammers” perpetrating them are no different from “con men”…

The word “annuity” is defined as “an amount payable annually”. Specifically, an annuity refers to a contract offered by insurance…

Cases Info

There have been numerous cases that have been brought to court (or are currently in court) that involve “Tax Fraud”..

Family Limited Partnership's
A Family Limited Partnership (FLP) is one of the primary asset protection tools available. This section deals exclusively with FLPs…
Estate Planning
“Estate Planning” is an extremely important tool in Asset Protection. Dying “intestate” (meaning not having a will or a trust in place at the time of death) …
Jurisdiction Selection

“Asset Protection Trusts” can be formed “offshore” in countries whose laws benefit the trust’s “settlor.” What makes forming an “offshore trust”…

Laws and Related Sections

There are a number of laws already in effect and, each year, newer laws are enacted involving “Taxation,” “Bankruptcy,” “Money Laundering,” etc…

Limited Liability Companies (LLC's)
Limited Liability Companies” (or “LLCs”) differ from “Corporations” in that a “corporate shareholder” is subject to judgment creditors…
Misc. Info/Articles

This section deals with matters such as “Privacy,” “Nevada Corporations,”…

Past Newsletter
These are newsletters that are published twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays by John Dietz and Rob Lambert….
Offshore Asset Protection Info
A good deal of asset protection deals with offshore planning. It is perfectly legal for a U.S. citizen to transfer his assets offshore…
General Partnerships and Limited Partnerships

This section provides information on the differences between general…

Pet Peeves
This section contains information on subjects that affect all of us. These include “Frivolous Lawsuits,” “bad lawyers,” “Death Taxes,” etc….
Asset Protection Laws by State
Every state in the union has different laws regarding “Asset Protection” and all that is related to it, such as “LLCs,” “FLPs,” etc….
Stock Information

A “stock” is an instrument signifying an ownership position (known as equity) in a corporation…

Tax scams and tax fraud Issues
This section provides readers information regarding both “taxes” and “taxation.” Topics include information on “Tax Shelters….
Trust Information
A “trust” is defined as a legal arrangement in which an individual (or “trustor” or “settlor”) gives fiduciary control of property to a person
Trust Scam and Scammers
Unfortunately, asset protection planning has brought about a good number of “scammers.” …
VEBA Information
The Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Associations or “VEBAs”, was created 1928 in response to demands …

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