Asset Protection

Asset Protection Services Corporation specializes in providing professional asset protection planning and the implementation of judgment proof asset protection trust.

In today’s litigious society, you owe it to yourself and your family to protect your assets from the unscrupulous.



If you are an Attorney or Financial Planner and would like to learn the ins and outs of effective, judgment proof Asset Protection, we would be happy to discuss providing you or your firm with comprehensive training and/or consultation.

Asset Protection Articles

Asset Protection

What Is An Asset Protection Trust?

An asset protection trust is any trust formed for a term of years in a foreign jurisdiction which: Either does not recognize or imposes significant barriers to the recognition of United States judgments, Has enacted a Statute of Elizabeth override provision, and Imposes strict procedural barriers to actions brought in that jurisdiction attacking trusts settled […]

Asset Protection Trusts – How They Work

HYPOTHETICAL ONE III. HOW TO ATTACK AN ASSET PROTECTION TRUST This web page will analyze the various techniques available to attack the assets of an asset protection trust. This page, via a hypothetical, first analyzes an attack in the United States courts and then abroad in a jurisdiction assumed, for the sake of discussion, to […]

Asset Protection: What Assets Need Protecting?

For those of you who are considering putting together an asset protection plan, you may be wondering what assets need to be protected. The following is a list of the primary assets you should consider: * Family home or condominium; * Vacation or second homes; * Rental property; * IRAs; * Stocks and mutual funds; […]

asset protection does it work

Does Asset Protection really work?

There are those who question whether even the most sophisticated asset protection plan will actually defeat a creditor’s claims, especially where the asset protection plan is designed and implemented prior to a judgment being entered or a lawsuit being filed. Evaluating asset protection effectiveness depends upon having realistic goals and objectives. If by asset protection […]

Can having Asset Protection get you in trouble?

Any creditor can attack the implementation of an asset protection plan simply by making allegations that transfers of your assets to other people or entities or the investment of money in exempt assets (such as annuities) thereby constitutes a fraudulent transfer or fraudulent conveyance because these conveyances were implemented with the intent to hinder, avoid, […]

9 Simple Asset Protection Tips

Simple Free Asset Protection Tips Not everybody can afford a sophisticated asset protection plan: however, everybody can take some commonsense steps to better protect their hard earned wealth. This page categorizes some of these simple techniques: Divide and Conquer Always use a separate entity for each liability generating asset and never mix liability generating assets. […]

Simple Concepts and Interesting Facts about Asset Protection

Simple Concepts and Interesting Facts about Asset Protection * Nobody can take your assets away without first winning a lawsuit and obtaining a judgment. Except in the rarest of situations (or in the case of the IRS or in certain divorce situations), pre-judgment attachment is not available in the USA. You always have several years […]

Traps & Scams

Tips to watch out for Asset Protection Scams and how you could lose all your hard earned money if you fall for one.   PROMOTERS Many unqualified people are marketing themselves as asset protection experts. Always check references and the training of the supposed expert. Anybody claiming expertise in asset protection should have substantial tax […]

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Asset Protection Corporation


Robert W. Lambert
CEO and Founder

J.D. LL.M. (International Tax) and LL.M. (International Asset Protection)

Rob Lambert has a Bachelor of Arts in International Economics (summa cum laude) from Claremont McKenna College (1972); a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of California (1975) where he was Editor of the Law Review and President of the Moot Court Honor Board; a Masters of Law (international tax) from New York University School of Law (1976), where he received the Schwid award and Hertzfeld fellowship. He was a full time tenure track Assistant Professor in the Masters of Taxation program at USC (1978-1984).

He is a Permanent Contributing Editor of Debtor Creditor Law published by Matthew Bender. He currently is President of Asset Protection Corporation and has completed a second LL.M. as part of the course work for his Doctorate of Juridical Science at New York University School of Law. Rob is married and resides between New York and California.

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