The Best Offshore Havens

A question most often asked is: What are the best offshore havens?

Sometimes the question is more detailed: What's the best tax haven; the best asset protection haven; the best banking haven, the best residential or retirement haven?

The difficulties in giving accurate responses is because events, policies, laws, change daily. But there are many offshore fundamentals that do not change daily which has allowed a new book, just published this week, giving a detailed account of all the current havens, asset protection places and devices, tax deferrals and tax savings, and many of the best offshore investments -- mutual funds, hedge funds, bonds, annuities and life insurance. It's an offshore encyclopedia in over 300 pages.

It doesn't just name places (such as Panama, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, etc.) but it explains who, what, where, why, when and how. It's full of direct contact information for offshore banks, lawyers, investment advisors, all listed because they are known to be sound and trustworthy people.

For your sake, and for the future financial welfare of you and your family, we strongly urge you to read and seriously consider Bob Bauman’s new book, "Where to Stash Your Cash Legally: The Insider's Guide to the Best Offshore Havens of the World."

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